My home away from home

I’ve wanted to publish this post for a while now, but I needed time…

I’ve had it hard since I returned from Cuba. Goodbyes are ridiculously difficult for me, and since the bond between Brayan and I is growing and strengthening each time we are together, the agony of parting ways is also growing and strengthening… I’m still not at my 100%, but I’ll get there. Hopefully. Getting back into the groove of work and school (school especially) has been difficult. It’s strenuous to focus on anything other than my desire to fly back to Cuba. Long distance relationships are challenging, but they don’t compare to long-distance marriages. Those are exhausting. I just hope that soon he and I can finally live together because I’m getting tired of feeling so down. I’m a strong girl and I’ve been patient, but now I want my cake and I want to finally eat it too. Without getting into any details right now, he and I are working on making that happen – it’s all a matter of when the government gives us the OK for it to actually happen… Urgh, I’m telling you, the wait is the worst punishment to endure. 

My mom and I returned on Saturday October 29th. Our plane landed before (but close to) midnight. It didn’t take us until 2AM to arrive home Sunday morning, making that weekend a terrible one for me. You can imagine, I was an emotional wreck. I can’t even begin to explain the level of anxiety I had on the plane ride home; I’ll get to that in a second. 

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