Stop, take a break, and breathe

The past 48 hours have been stressful. I feel the mental exhaustion because I can barely keep my eyes open at work right now (even though I slept for decent hours last night). Yesterday evening, I was given some mildly shocking news related to work, which is going to make the next few weeks (maybe even the next few months) very busy and unpredictable.

Does anyone have any tips that can help me calm my worrying mind and help me stay focused in this stressful period?

Ugh, I’d be very appreciative!  

A brief visit to my favourite place for the holidays

Hi lovely followers and new viewers! Happy New Year! How were your holidays and how did you spend them? 

I spent mine in Cuba, visiting my husband and new family. The trip was short, lasting only 10 days, but I embraced every second, minute, hour, and day. Now I spend my time reminiscing and re-living the entire trip because it was, as always, incredible. To experience Christmas in a sunny setting with palm trees for the first time was a little strange in the beginning. But when  you’re with the best company, your surroundings are easily forgotten (and who doesn’t want to escape the snow?). 

I will however say this: is travelling over the holidays expensive or what?! Wholly guacamole! The cost of my round-trip ticket was quite exaggerated for a trip to Cuba… I usually make the trip for half the price that I paid this time, so it’s safe to say that I came out of the holidays with the lightest wallet imaginable. But the trip was necessary, as you should not put a price on love. And plus… Isn’t the true meaning of the holidays to spend time with your loved ones anyway? I wasn’t going to let a light wallet stand in my way!

I’d like to share the events of my trip with you!

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