Stop, take a break, and breathe

The past 48 hours have been stressful. I feel the mental exhaustion because I can barely keep my eyes open at work right now (even though I slept for decent hours last night). Yesterday evening, I was given some mildly shocking news related to work, which is going to make the next few weeks (maybe even the next few months) very busy and unpredictable.

Does anyone have any tips that can help me calm my worrying mind and help me stay focused in this stressful period?

Ugh, I’d be very appreciative!  



  1. It’s always hard to relax and quiet the mind when too much is going on. As others, I do like to read and listen to music when I have a hard time to get the necessary rest. If sleep is a problem, taking the natural hormone melatonin can be very helpful. Good luck with it all!


  2. Things like reading, drinking herbal tea (preferably chamomile), taking a hot bath, sitting outsite, writing, sending letters, and essential oils can help with stress. I hope I can help. I also hope that you feel better soon!

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    • Hi! Yes those tips do help! It’s funny that you’ve mentioned taking a bath because the thought did cross my mind this week! I’ll look into essential oils as well. I am feeling much better now, thank you! 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by the blog! Leaving your mark means a lot. 🙂



  3. hi! I have stumbled across your blog and this is the first post ive seen and i just wanted to say that you need to find something that calms you (a book, movie,sport etc) i get very stressed and i understand you! sometimes you can get all the sleep in the world and still feel tired! i just started my blog ( ) and it is already something that calms me, i write and forget about all the stress in my life 🙂 there are also meditation apps that can help xx

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    • Hi there! I was really excited to see your comment on this post! Thank you for swinging by and leaving some tips. I really like the name of your blog. 🙂

      I couldn’t believe how tired I felt, even though I slept like a baby the night previously. The problem at work is slowly resolving, which is nice, but I’m definitely going to look into a meditation app to help ease the stressed mind for next time! Thank you for the recommendation – I never thought of that before. 🙂

      I can’t wait to take a peek at your blog! Congratulations on starting one! Writing is a beautiful thing.


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