Reminiscing about Havana

As I write this, the snow is heavy and it is oh so very cold outside! When the winter hits, I long to be on a beach tanning and drinking a mango shake…

I cannot wait for Cuba these next few weeks!

As I wait and feel an invisible tear roll down my cheek (because the sight of snow does that to me), I will share with you pictures from Havana that I took back in February.


Our drive into Havana. Me catching a glimpse of Havana for the first time in my life. 🙂


Colourful buildings are eye-candy. That mint is precious. If my town could have a do-over, I’d quickly oblige that we colour our buildings – where’s the petition? I’ll sign it now! 



The Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Forget the hotel for a second… Check out that turquoise-coloured car! Where can I find that paint for my car? 


When you think of Cuba, you think about the endless classic cars roaming the streets. No matter where you turn your head, you’re bound to see one, even if it is squeezed between modernized cars. 


One of many views from the hotel. Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning with a cup of your favourite coffee/tea/beverage? 



Walking the streets. Lots to see. 




I spy the Cuban flag!


The Boutique Hotel Ambos Mundos. The oasis of Hemingway, I am sure. 




I’ve featured this picture before and I will feature it again because it’s one of my favourites. The church looks so breathtaking in the light. I remember distinctly walking towards it and thinking to myself that once I snapped the picture, it would be my favourite.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this reminiscing post! All pictures were taken with my Iphone 6. I need to get in the habit of using a real camera. 😉



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