Stop, take a break, and breathe

The past 48 hours have been stressful. I feel the mental exhaustion because I can barely keep my eyes open at work right now (even though I slept for decent hours last night). Yesterday evening, I was given some mildly shocking news related to work, which is going to make the next few weeks (maybe even […]

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My home away from home

I’ve wanted to publish this post for a while now, but I needed time… I’ve had it hard since I returned from Cuba. Goodbyes are ridiculously difficult for me, and since the bond between Brayan and I is growing and strengthening each time we are together, the agony of parting ways is also growing and […]

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The first post. This is scary.

Yiiiiikes! The first blog post… which is probably the trickiest. Oh well, here goes nothing… I’ve asked myself many times if it’d be a good idea to create a blog. I’ve thought, what is the point? Would I have any visitors? Would anyone care? Would I be wasting my time? Or would I be gaining something out […]

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